Legal Prescription

Once our Doctor has assessed your needs, providing a prescription will allow you to carry, use and even produce cannabis with no fear of criminal charges. Having an Acmpr license, each patient needs a prescription to legally access dried marijuana flower from a medical Doctor and must order from one of the license producers listed on the Health Canada website under Health Canada rules and regulations. These are the legal steps and requirements to access your medicinal cannabis products and helps protect each patient as their ACMPR license ensures that is now legally used for medication purposes. Our Doctors are legally authorized to examine patients via Skype/Sylo and can help each patient get their prescription for medicinal cannabis that can get filled at any licensed producer. We will help you from start to finish to obtaining your prescription and make sure you get treated fairly. Mr. Feelgood Consulting will help you every step of the way! You can rest assured that your safety and privacy will be treated with the utmost respect while remaining confidentially with our team.