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Arcata Trainwreck AAAAA



Arcata Trainwreck, hailing from Northern California, is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain of mixed heritage – it has Mexican and Thai Sativas and Afghani Indicas in its lineage. It has a high THC content (approx. 21%) and a low CBD content (0.02-0.1%). It is best known for its potent and soaring sativa effects, and is named so because it hits hard like a train.

The plant of this cannabis strain grows tall, and is vine-like. There is a lot of internodal spacing, and the buds – which resemble a golf ball in size – are tight, hard and extremely sticky. It has so much trichome coverage that the plant looks almost gray. Resin production begins almost immediately in the flower and covers the whole plant in frost. The plant is also disease resistant, which makes it more favorable over others.

Arcata Trainwreck has a distinct smell. It gives off a sweet and dank lemon and spicy pine aroma, which is infused with a menthol scent. A fruity sweetness occasionally creeps through as well.

This strain has an equally distinct taste. The lemon lime of its smell is mixed with an earthy, piney flavor with a zest of menthol. A pungent, skunky and diesel undertone follows on consequent inhales.

Arcata Trainwreck takes some time to settle down and hit the user – the first hit is felt after roughly 5 minutes. Due to this gradual high, many first timers consume more than necessary, so do wait for the effect to hit you instead of rushing. It induces feelings of elation and happiness, and uplifts mood. It also boosts creativity and helps the user to relax.

This wonderful strain is recommended to those suffering from insomnia, stress and fatigue, and its mood lifting potential helps massively against depression as well. Arcata Trainwreck is particularly effective against pain, migraine and nausea.


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