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Caviar Gold AAAAA++



When you want to truly convey how luxurious and special something is, why not name it Caviar Gold? This strain is quite mysterious, and while many dispensaries will have bud for sale under this moniker, no one is actually clear on who made it or what its genetics are. None of that really matters much, though, because users who have tried this gal claim that she’s their new favorite.

Coming in at an astonishing 32% THC potency, Caviar Gold should be reserved for highly experienced users only. Each nug is small and dense, with an olive green color that only slightly peeks through beneath a thick layer of kief. That’s right — if a kief-dusted bud doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will. Many try to make an educated guess as to who her parents are based on her flavors and aromas, as they bring a mixture of mint, pine, and sour earth to your palate.

Most smokers report that Caviar Gold’s effects are quite long-lasting and potent in nature. She tends to begin by bringing users to a state of complete mental bliss, allowing you to feel far more euphoric than you likely ever have before. Some are fooled into thinking that this includes a boost of energy as well, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Caviar Gold tends to leave users in a sedated state, and depending on your tolerance, could end up leading you to sleep rather quickly.

Any medical user who sees how potent this bud is tends to gravitate toward her pretty easily, making Caviar Gold a nice choice for therapeutic purposes. Her reported physical effects can soothe pain like nothing else and mental concerns like anxiety or depression are often wiped away. Still, others note that this bud helps them to overcome nausea and actually eat a decent meal while a long smoke session often lands some in their bed.


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