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Pink God AAA++



Pink God is the result of the crossing between Pink Kush and God Bud. This tasty flower is, just like its parents, a powerful indica with outstanding pain relief properties. Inheriting the best of both phenotypes, the Pink God strain is a common crop for breeders in Canada.

The popular Pink Kush is a heavy indica that provides great medical benefits. The effects of this strain on the body are effective to treat chronic pain, headaches and insomnia. The user will feel a warm wave of soothing sensations and a strong cerebral stimulation. Although it takes some time to grow (between 10 and 11 weeks) the results are worth the wait.

God Bud, on the other hand, is a hybrid with remarkable indica properties that contains up to 23% THC. Herbal and musky flavors blend with the subtle tones of fruits and pine, creating an absolute treat to the senses. This large flower is another painkiller with outstanding reviews, offering a creativity boost and a warm body sensation. God Bud is used as a treatment for anxiety, depression and stress.


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