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Pink Stardust AAAAA+



This strain is pure cannabis genius in a compact package! Combining indica and sativa genetics along with premium-strength ruderalis in the form of Lowryder 2, Stardust Auto is a robust autoflowering hybrid. Noted for its fast-flowering properties and decent yields of dense buds, its smooth smoke culminates in a long-lasting, uplifting, and soothing physical effect.

In addition to her potent, all-around high, Stardust Autoflowering really delivers when it comes to flavor. Featuring a winning mix of classic skunk with berry notes, this speedy strain is great for day and night use, and is recommended for those with social anxiety as it provides a relaxing high, yet still allows for social interaction.


14 g, 28 g, 3.5 g, 7 g




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