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Quad Dawg



It goes without saying that any strain with “Dawg” in it tends to be a winner, and since Quad Dawg is a backcross of Snowdawg 2, cannabis users naturally give her rave reviews. Rumor has it that Alphakronik Genes was the group to create this sativa-dominant blend, but as it’s not listed on their website any longer, other breeders have started to lay claim to her fame.

If there was ever a doubt in your mind as to how much cannabis you can handle, don’t let this bud be the one to show you what it looks like to be overly high. Clocking in with a consistent 30% THC potency, Quad Dawg should only be smoked by very experienced users. Her nugs are sticky and green with very thin pistils and small white trichomes. She offers a very complex and delightful set of flavors that most prominently features diesel but also brings notes of hops, cinnamon, and citrus along for the ride. Smoking Quad Dawg reminds some of a cozy winter night no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Many hybrid strains on today’s market tend to bring effects in a rather predictable way, with cerebral highs coming in first which are then followed by physical sensations. Most report that Quad Dawg doesn’t hold back, however, and brings you everything all at once. You’ll typically find that extreme euphoria comes into play with a feeling of joy that’s unlike any other. The desire to socialize with others might become stronger, but you won’t necessarily be ready for a night on the town. At the same time, your body could become heavier and, if you’re still a novice, couch lock will ensue.

Alphakronik Genes does seem to be willing to share their creations with others, but seeds of Quad Dawg are often tough to come by. If you can place an order online, keep in mind that you’re embarking upon quite the endeavor. This strain does well inside and outdoors as she’s highly resistant to mold and mildew, but she does require a ton of space as she grows. After 9 to 10 weeks of maturation, her yield will be very heavy – at least according to others who have cultivated this bud.

Quad Dawg doesn’t seem to be too terribly difficult to find at local dispensaries, so as long as you’re prepared for a super potent high, consider giving her a go. Many find that she makes for a great afternoon toke as you’ll generally remain functional without becoming too tired. As with all strains, however, we’d recommend that you play around with this one on a day when you have nothing going on. Let’s face it – 30% THC is no joke and the last thing you want is to fall asleep at your desk.

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THC Content

Highest Test30%

Strain Average30%


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