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Skunk A


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We’re hesitant to use the word perfect, but Skunk+ by Kannabia Seed Company might be as close as we’ve ever seen. This bud is a cross between Black Domina and Skunk, and took home 2nd Place Hybrid at the 2017 M.O.M. Cup in Canada. Fast-flowering and moderately potent, it’s an indica-dominant strain you have to try at least once.

If you’re in the market for a moderately strong high, this gal is perfect at a 16% THC average. Her buds are average enough looking, although pistils do seem rather long and trichome coverage is thick and dense. Those who need a discrete smelling strain should steer clear of this one, as Skunk+ features a classic cannabis stench that can be detected a mile away.

Although users are unclear on her exact ratios, it seems as if this strain is only slightly indica-dominant due to her incredibly well-balanced effects. Your high includes a little bit of everything, starting off with a clearheaded buzz that allows you to focus on your most pressing tasks. Enjoy Skunk+ during the day to impart a sense of euphoria to your life, or try her at night to enjoy the other side of her benefits, a soothing and relaxing vibe that’s light and unencumbering.

Because you’re able to be incredibly functional during your experience, the Skunk+ high is ideal for medical users who want to treat their symptoms without being knocked out for the day. Use this strain to help combat depression and stress, or simply indulge in a toke or two to calm a nagging headache or the cramps that are keeping you down in the dumps. Medical patients shouldn’t expect miracles here as her THC isn’t quite as strong as other options, but this strain is great for moderate daily relief.


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