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Washing Machine AAAA


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Hailing from Ripper Seeds in Spain, Washing Machine has made quite the name for herself. Winning 3rd place for Outdoor Flower at the 2017 THC Cup, it’s an indica-dominant strain that offers relaxation at every puff. Bubba Kush has been crossed with Exodus Cheese to result in unique flavors that users end up either loving or hating – there is no middle ground.

A moderately potent strain that’s great for all, Washing Machine clocks in with a THC average of 19%. Her nugs are fluffy and dark, yet their rounded shape is lightened up with a very thick coating of milky trichomes and sparse orange pistils. Her flavors and aromas lean very heavy toward anise and earth along with hints of spicy cheese that can be cough-inducing for some. Again, you’ll either find this flavor profile to die for, or you’ll never want to try her again.

While she may not have a whole heck of a lot of THC, Washing Machine will hit you hard and fast. She does induce a happy cerebral state like most cannabis tends to do, but her real claim to fame is the ability to lull you into a heavy and sedated state. Users find themselves to be incredibly relaxed and quite sleepy, and satiating their extreme munchies can even be too tall of a task once you’re fully into your high. Take our word for it and put your snacks right next to you before you toke – you’ll thank us later.

Due to her powerful properties, many love Washing Machine as a medicinal strain. The typical players are easily addressed here, with stress and depression melting away for hours on end. Physical ailments are soothed due to her heavy body effects, so instances of headaches or cramps can be quelled at the end of a long day. Perhaps the only downside to this bud is that she’s so darn effective, you’ll want to smoke her all day long. Unless you want to be sleeping at your desk, we don’t recommend it.


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