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$65 and $80 and Ounce mega special – AA bud ( or split in half and get 2 strains for 90)


4g in stock

1 Oz of our AA bud for only $65——–(Updated Jan 21, 2021).  If they did not have seeds they would go for around $130 to $140. So it is well worth it to pick out a few seeds and save a bunch of money. Satisfaction Guaranteed: If for some reason you are not happy we will exchange it no problem……………….. For $65 and ounce we have, Blueberry with seeds (Indica).  For $80 an ounce or $50 half ounce, we have Blue Cheese (Indica), Gucci (Hybrid),  Recon (Indica).  For $85 an ounce we have Bruce Banner Shake (Sativa Hybrid)……. (You can split the oz in 2 and get 2 different Strains. The price will be in the middle when splitting the ounce between different price categories.) ————————————————————– Also see our $110 oz special menu for many more choices…………………….Call or Text 416-558-6765 (Please give your full address (& city), First & Last Name and what you would like to order by text please)…………………. Delivery discounts do not apply to specials. Please note: delivery discounts apply to regular priced items only, our specials like this one save you more and we always give you the best available deal! ………..As always, let us know how you like the product and service! We take your feedback seriously as it helps us improve and serve you better. Any issues with your order that weren’t resolved same day, contact us and we will be in touch to make sure you feel good! We hope you have a feelgood day! ………… Cheers! 🙂





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